Jul 28, 2014

Modified Now

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We've been working on creating a place that held the type of items we liked so here is Modified Now.  The concept of the 1st collection is about getting back to the basics. The collection attempts to capture what we see as  chic and comfortable for both men and woman. Check it out I hope you like it. Elevated Basics

Feb 26, 2014

All Saints Leather Air Jordan XVI

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Wake up, explore the world and do the same tomorrow… I only made it to this empty baseball field,
but its cool. Actually it was cold, and I looked like two Mexicans were getting it in parked in a lime green 2 door Honda hatchback. Not to mention the  USPS man that was parked watching what appeared to be his mid-day show.
Black Jean Vest- Zara
Black Leather Jacket- All Saints
Black Neoprene Sweatshirt- Modified Now
Jeans- Guess
Sneakers- Air Jordan XVI Retro