Feb 26, 2014

All Saints Leather Air Jordan XVI

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Wake up, explore the world and do the same tomorrow… I only made it to this empty baseball field,
but its cool. Actually it was cold, and I looked like two Mexicans were getting it in parked in a lime green 2 door Honda hatchback. Not to mention the  USPS man that was parked watching what appeared to be his mid-day show.
Black Jean Vest- Zara
Black Leather Jacket- All Saints
Black Neoprene Sweatshirt- Modified Now
Jeans- Guess
Sneakers- Air Jordan XVI Retro

Jan 1, 2013

Take Off!

Takeoff 2013

I actually celebrate the New Year on my birthday because thats a new year for me, but to all those traditional folks its time to take off and never look back. #Dothings